Dear Hunting Guest,

Surely you know well the hungarian hunting possibilities, especially the great big game hunting ground of West-Hungary in Zala county, the home of the world famous hungarian red deer population.

For decades domestic and foreign hunting guests successfully hunt red deer, roe deer, as well as wild boar in this hunting ground.
In 2007 the hunting grounds in Hungary were considerably reorganzied, but our hunting club offers hunting opportunities also in the next 10 years on about 5000 hectares for the above mentioned games.

Thanks to conscious game husbandry, the excellent habitat conditions and the calmness of our hunting area has not changed, therefore our hunting guests usually leave successfully and satisfied.

For our guests we offer our hunting lodge to stay, which is situated in the heart of our hunting area, where they have the opportunity to listen to the rutting call of the red deers during the night increasing by that the excitement and the experience of the hunting in the rutting season in September.

The excellent quality of our red deer population is confirmed by the fact that the red deer with biggest trophy weight in the world was shot in our hunting area, which was 17,45 kg.

In the rutting season in September 25-30 red deers are usually shot every year in our hunting ground, when our guests also have the opportunity for wild boar hunting. In November and in December we offer drive huntings for wild boar and red deer.

Regarding the types of hunting, primarily we organize huntings from raised hide, drive huntings for wild pig and deer as well as we can arrange huntings from horse cart.

In case our short introduction drew your attention, please, feel free to contact us in order to organize your visit to the home of the world famous hungarian red deer population in Zala county in Hungary.


A hunters’ greeting,

Rudolf Balogh